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ISOtone Cardas Thorens upgrade kit

This upgrade is excellent value and really makes a difference

The difference that a decent tone arm cable makes over the standard item should to be ignored Many say the difference is night and day!

 ISOtone Cardas Thornes kit utilising the fantastic Cardas 33awg Golden Section LITZ wiring

The tone arm cables are sold in kit form allowing the buyer to save the cost of fitting or in deed take the arm to their favourite deck mechanic to have the job done

Using one single length of Cardas golden section LITZ wire from the cartridge pins to the high quality non magnetic phono plugs (4 Cardas Golden section LITZ copper cores and one copper earth)

The wires are sheathed in a combination of silver plated copper screeneing braid and PET braid to ensure great signal flow and screeningfrom RFI and EMI, the kit has a separate earth wire, the earth wire and 2 sheilds are made in a star earth configuration making the kit it psudo balanced.

The kit consists of the cable terminated at the output end with bare wires at the cartridge end o allow the cable to travel through the arm tube. Also supplied are 4 cartridge clips with heat shrink coloured markers, allen keys draw wire and our special high silver content ISOweld solder and instructions.

Cardas Golden Section Tonearm Litz designed specifically for wiring and rewireing the worlds best tonearms.


  • 4x Premium Cardas copper leads (assembled)
  • Urethane enameled conductors
  • Teflon insulated conductors
  • Perfect for rewiring tone arms
  • 33 AWG wires

Cardas Metals

Like many products, Cardas Fine wire developed out of a need that could not be filled. The availability of ultra pure, ultra soft conductor strand had decreased to the point of unavailability in this country in the mid eighties, due part to the development of and evolution of mass production techniques such as resistance annealing and mandatory recycling. Industrial copper was cheap and plentiful. However, super pure and ultra soft copper became unobtainable . The general condition of available copper became so bad that manufacturers began going off shore for product. Still, the consistency of product was poor and costs soon became astronomical, and we were forced to make our own.

We found that care and consistency at every step of the drawing process and a bunch of nines after the decimal point were not enough. It made little sense to start with pure copper/silver just to have it harden and oxidize during the drawing process and after manufacture. Instead we developed a process where the copper is actually purified and super annealed during the drawing process and developed a coating process to protect the copper between steps and after production.

At first our only customer we had was ourselves, and our livelihood depended on the perfection and purity of our metals. We are still our own best critic, we still make the most perfect product we know of, and absolutely do things the best way possible. We start with the best available copper on the market, ultra pure bar with 0 recycling content. We then, using our own proprietary process, draw and anneal the metal in a reduction atmosphere.

Unlike conventional coppers that are quick annealed with an electric current process called "resistance annealing", our coppers are annealed the hard way, in hydrogen reduction ovens. Not just at the end of the drawing process, but at every step in the process in the ultra grades (Grade 1), and every other step in the super(Grade 2) .

Custom diamond dies polish the wire as it is drawn, not just at the final step, but at every step in the process.

At Cardas we use urethane enameled conductor for the construction of our cables. This is a very permanent protective process.


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