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ISOkinetik philosophy
At ISOkinetik we combine decades of experience in the audiophile and sound engineering industry
We are dedicated to developing enhancements and upgrades to existing quality Hi Fi product and introducing new theories and product built on our exhaustive research.

  • Top quality products
  • innovative audio enhancements
  • Money back guarantee

Our team

Dedicated audio specialists with experiance spaning decades.

ISOkinetik mantra is simple "if it sounds better it IS better!

"if it sounds better it IS better!"

ISOkinetik Audio Enhancements.

Moddular One turntable
"The modular one set the bar high –the baroque music had a real openness and transparency – breathtakingly realistic
Instrument positioning was excellent both side to side and front to back
The trumpets in the Tchaikovsky symphony were extremely clear and open, yet strident as indeed they should be
The lower mid range was well controlled and tight
Bass drums were punchy with great grip and also very extended
Bass was brought into life in a way I had not heard before with this recording
The whole unit looks impressive: it is apparent that everything has been manufactured and finished to a high standard"
Neville Roberts review - Hi FI World Magazine

“The quality of all the items is consistently high and the end result would be a turntable and arm that would cost considerably more to buy as a ready made product
All in all they make an already good deck great” Neville Roberts HI FI World Feb 2010